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Sign up for Notino Affiliate Program and make money from every order!

What is Notino Affiliate Program and what benefits can you get from it?

  • Affiliate Program is a peer-to-peer commissioning system based on partnerships between web sites.
  • The partnership consists in linking the partner's website to the Notino website.
  • Placing a link - advertising our products - the partner gets a commission from the sale, ie. of each completed order via a link from the partner site.
  • Besides financial rewards, the number of visits to their own website increases.
  • Simply put a banner to send visitors to your website to ours.

Why Notino?

  • We are the largest online perfume and cosmetics shop in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • We have been in the market since 2004. and during that time we have served millions of customers.
  • Our portfolio includes more than 600 well-known brands and 20,000 different products available.
  • We send about 12,000 orders daily and have sites in 13 countries.
  • Several times we have won a prize for the best online store.

How does our Affiliate program work?

  • Our affiliate program provides the world-renowned company "Commision Junstion" (CJ) - provides the system, monitors advertisements and performs real-time transactions, evaluates the information and, on the basis of these, implements monthly commissions to members of the CJ network.
  • Thanks to the "cookies" technology, it can be determined from which affiliate program partner the referral is made - on which the commission is paid.

Amount of commission

  • 4% of the price of products not on promotion or sale.
  • 6% of the price of all other unaltered products.

How do I sign up?

  • Register HERE . If you have a registration in "CJ", enter HERE .
  • The password will be sent to you in your email.
  • Choose a banner from our proposal and place it on your website.
  • At the end of the month you will receive a commission for all completed orders made using the banner placed on your web site.



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